Space Sweepers Shows Us What Excellent Messaging Is

The Korean crew of the space opera Space Sweepers poses with weapons
Space Sweepers, the new Korean blockbuster on Netflix, is not a flawless movie. Some portions are incredibly confusing, plot twists come out of nowhere, its pace becomes exhausting, and jarring tone changes make important events feel contrived. But along with a strong set of heroes and beautiful special effects, it’s been getting buzz for an unusual reason: its message. And that buzz is entirely justified.

As things stand in the industry, most storytellers – even big names – are pretty bad at messaging. Whether it’s because they’re afraid to be bold or they aren’t willing to make important changes, too many storytellers try to say something by changing the curtains rather than remodeling the house. Among these lackluster efforts, Space Sweepers stands out.

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316 – Prescriptivism

The Mythcreant Podcast

The term “prescriptivism” gets thrown around a lot, often to describe some pretty bad behavior, but what does it really mean? That’s what we’re investigating this week, because we don’t want to be prescriptivist about it. We discuss how language changes depending on context, what … read more »


How Do I Portray Cosmic Horrors in the Open?

questions and answer talk bubbles

Hi, I’m Josem from Spain. I am and write in Spanish but found your site a trove of information for any aspiring writer in any language. That said, my apologies if my English is a little rusty. My question is about setting, or rather the … read more »


315 – Flat Characters

The Mythcreant Podcast

We’ve all called a character flat before, usually when we didn’t like them. “Ugh, this villain is only doing evil for evil’s sake, how flat!” But what is a flat character, really? Where did the term come from, and is it always bad? Today, we’re … read more »


Five Antagonists Who Never Stood a Chance

Rand lifting a magic horn from The Great Hunt's cover art.

Captain Kirk’s adventures would be a snoozefest if the Klingons just rolled over for him. No one would care about T’Challa taking back his throne unless Killmonger could match him blow for blow. Batman’s investigations would be pointless if the Joker just turned himself in.* What’s … read more »

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