Recognizing Bad and Good Storytelling Advice

Writing advice comes at all levels of quality, from enlightening, to helpful in some circumstances, to story-ruining. For an example of all of these, just look at our breakdown of Kurt Vonnegut’s Eight Rules of Writing. Yes, Kurt Vonnegut, a famous writer, had advice that ran … read more »


166 – The Importance of Character Likability

The Mythcreant Podcast

If you’ve ever put down a story because you didn’t care what happened, there’s a good chance it was suffering from poor character likability. That’s our topic for this week, and we are joined once again by our excellent guest host Sarah. What is likability? … read more »


Seven Common Problems in Character Creation

An old illustration of Victor Frankenstein working on his monster.

Character creation prepares players for the game. It is their first encounter with the rules and sets expectations for what is to come. Not only does character creation decide a PC’s mechanical abilities, but it’s also vital for building player excitement. If players don’t come … read more »


Why Storytelling Advice Is Such a Mess

Learning most crafts is a fairly straightforward process. Not so with storytelling. While a simple search will give you a plethora of tips and tricks, the fiction industry has no time-tested method of teaching the craft to newcomers. Based on the methods of those who are … read more »


165 – Stories That Needed Sequels

The Mythcreant Podcast

We’ve all seen stories get sequels, even when they really weren’t necessary, but what about the reverse? What happens when a story really would have benefited from a sequel that never materialized? That’s what we’re talking about this week, joined for a third time by … read more »

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