Lessons From the Hyped Writing of Dawn of Wonder

Art showing man holding sword, with a fortress in the background
As soon as I spotted the cover for Jonathan Renshaw’s Dawn of Wonder, The Wakening, I knew this was the book to critique. “Dawn of Wonder” is already dramatic sounding, and adding “The Wakening” pushes it into melodrama. It doesn’t help that these words border on cliché. In addition, this book has 3,700+ reviews and only a D rating on Fakespot. The early chapters are available to read with Amazon’s Look Inside feature, so you can follow along there if you like.

Let’s dig into to what this… awk!

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183 – World Versus Plot

The Mythcreant Podcast

Balancing plot and worldbuilding is a tricky business. You might want a world where magic is light and fun, but then want a plot about how magic is dangerous and needs to be hidden away. If that’s happened to you, then congratulations, you’re in good … read more »


Five Settings That Are Great for Roleplaying

The members of the 5th expedition gathered around a camera.

Have you ever been reading or watching a story and enjoyed the setting so much that you wanted to experience it for yourself? Thanks to roleplaying games, you can! Using an established setting for your campaign is a time-honored tradition; it lets the players experience … read more »


Four Challenges of Nonlinear Narratives

A typical story opens when a problem appears and moves forward steadily in time until that problem is resolved. This linear progression is popular for good reason. It’s easier for us humans with our puny three-dimensional existence to understand, and it keeps us guessing what … read more »


182 – Literary Devices

The Mythcreant Podcast

But soft, what podcast through yonder feed breaks? That there was an allusion, one of the many many literary devices authors have at their disposal. But what do literary devices mean, and how can they be used in a way that’s not grating and awkward? … read more »

Podcast: Roleplaying Session

Unknown Armies: Session, Part 3

Cover Art for Unknown Armies

After much drama and toil, the story of Teddy, Loris, and Emma comes to a conclusion this week! Last time, they discovered the truth of Emma’s connection to the Vanisher. Today, they venture into an otherspace that looks suspiciously like a certain school of witchcraft … read more »

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