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Five RPGs That Prove That Dice Are Dull

crossed-out dice

When you think about RPGs, you usually think about rolling dice. From the humble, six-sided cube, to the iconic d20, to the absurd, hundred-sided Zocchihedron, there’s seemingly no end to the variety of dice out there. Their potential grows even further when you factor in … read more »


Using Conflict to Revive Your Story Game

In many roleplaying games, it’s the GM’s job to get the level of conflict just right. They provide the goons with guns kicking down doors, giving the players a common antagonist to unite against. A GM gives a story momentum. In a GM-less story game, … read more »


Metrofinál Makes God Mode Interesting

Metrofinál Transantiago, by Jonathan Walton, is a story game about the apocalypse. Not a minor disaster, the complete end of days. Eight bodhisattvas—people of such unimaginable spiritual power that they are essentially gods—are wandering the world as it crumbles into ashes. Their task: pave the … read more »


The Deep Forest Subverts Destructive Tropes

The Deep Forest is a reinterpretation of The Quiet Year, a mapmaking game about a small post-apocalyptic community’s struggle to survive in a harsh environment. But in this game, it’s a community of monsters, who have just driven invading humans off of their land. Read more »


Five Tips for Setting Scenes in Your Game

Many story games, including big names like Fiasco or Kingdom, are built around scene framing. In these games, players take turns setting scenes, stepping into a temporary Game Master role in an otherwise GM-less game. When you’re the scene-setter, you decide where the next scene … read more »


Fiasco Teaches Us to Love When Our Characters Fail

Fiasco by Billy Pulpit Games is one of the best-known examples of a “story game” RPG: narrative-heavy, rules-light, often made for GM-less one-shot play. Popular for being featured on the first season of Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop, it’s stayed relevant because it’s great at what it … read more »

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