Unkown Armies Roleplay

1 - Unknown Armies: Character Creation, Part 1

We’re back with the second installment of the Mythcreant One Shot Podcast. Our game: Unknown Armies. It’s a game of occult horror, where reality ripples in time with the human mind. Power is available for the taking, and characters seek their deepest desire, only to … read more »

2 - Unknown Armies: Character Creation, Part 2

Last week was the first half of character creation, and this week we continue the charge. It’s time to put another few notches in our hardened meters, define our obsessions, and figure out what kind of game we’re playing. And it seems we’re playing a … read more »

3 - Unknown Armies: Session, Part 1

Cover Art for Unknown Armies

Now that everyone’s characters are finished, it’s time to get this session on the road. In this first part, we meet the PCs and learn what makes them special. Or at least, we learn what makes them weird enough to do magic. Listen in awe … read more »

4 - Unknown Armies: Session, Part 2

Cover Art for Unknown Armies

The saga of Teddy Larson, Loris Murdoch, and Emma Redstone continues! This week, they confront Lin and learn the dark secret at the root of everything. What is that secret? You’ll have to listen and find out! Also featured this session are shenanigans like: Summoning … read more »

5 - Unknown Armies: Session, Part 3

Cover Art for Unknown Armies

After much drama and toil, the story of Teddy, Loris, and Emma comes to a conclusion this week! Last time, they discovered the truth of Emma’s connection to the Vanisher. Today, they venture into an otherspace that looks suspiciously like a certain school of witchcraft … read more »

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