The Terrible Movie Climaxes From Marvel’s Phase One

An unconscious Tony surrounded by Thor, Captain America, and Hulk.

Gather round, ye olde Mythcreants fans, for we must once again discuss the climactic turning points of popular stories. Last time, I did all nine of the main Star Wars films, which made for a rather hefty article. This time, we’re looking at the MCU, … read more »

Five Stories With Anticlimactic Endings

Kvothe looking at a city far off in the distance.

The meaning of “anticlimactic” is refreshingly simple: the climax is a disappointment. We might call a story anticlimactic if the main villain is defeated too easily, if a major story arc just disappears without explanation, or if the throughline isn’t properly resolved. The story’s climax … read more »

The Nine Star Wars Movie Climaxes, Compared

Being a blockbuster juggernaut, Star Wars is where a lot of storytellers get their inspiration. Lots of writers want to emulate the trench run’s intense excitement or the emotional pathos of Luke confronting Kylo Ren on the salt planes of Crait. As such, today we’ll … read more »

Five Cool Storylines That Went Nowhere

Cordelia and Angel

We’ve all had the experience of reading a book or watching a show only for our favorite storyline to disappear without any resolution. Crafting a compelling plot requires an intriguing hook, strong stakes, and exciting conflict, so it’s weird when storytellers throw all that work in … read more »

Six Sexist Themes From the Early Wheel of Time Books

Cover art from A Crown of Swords

It’s been over six years since I first wrote about sexism in Robert Jordan’s epic fantasy series The Wheel of Time. At the time, I didn’t expect to touch on the subject again, but that post’s comment section remains active to this day, so I … read more »

Building Arrakis: How Herbert Sabotaged His Own Ideas

A sandworm in the desert.

In this series on worldbuilding, I’ve looked at both science fiction and high fantasy worlds. Today, we’re combining the two with a look at Frank Herbert’s Dune, a book that sits firmly in the space fantasy subgenre. Dune is a classic, a book that has … read more »

Five Stories That Killed the Wrong Character

An Endgame poster showing Hawkeye and Black Widow side by side.

Character death is a contentious issue, and there are many stories out there that killed characters when they shouldn’t have. Today, we’re narrowing our focus to stories where a character death was called for but the author chose the wrong character. Which character dies can … read more »

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