Six Supposedly Powerful Abilities That Don’t Measure Up

We storytellers love giving our characters special abilities. They’re just cool! They add novelty, let us craft different plots, and make a story’s empowerment fantasy more enticing. But sometimes a powerful ability isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I see this all the time in … read more »

Three Movies With the Wrong Main Character

Black Panther wearing his suit.

Of all the characters in a story, how do creators choose which one is the main one? This question comes up often in writing workshops. Sometimes writers switch around which character is in focus in order to determine who should be framed as the main … read more »

Six Underdeveloped Love Interests

Angel looking evil.

Storytellers setting out to create a love story face many obstacles, and one of the more serious obstacles is an underdeveloped love interest. This is what you get when the protagonist’s sweetheart doesn’t seem like a complete character in their own right. They might just … read more »

Six Novels That Struggle With Multiple POVs

Alternate cover art for the Collapsing Empire

We authors love putting multiple points of view in our stories. It’s just so tempting! Why struggle to show what this character is thinking on the outside when you could give them a POV? Why work so hard to construct a plausible way for the … read more »

165 – Stories That Needed Sequels

The Mythcreant Podcast

We’ve all seen stories get sequels, even when they really weren’t necessary, but what about the reverse? What happens when a story really would have benefited from a sequel that never materialized? That’s what we’re talking about this week, joined for a third time by … read more »

Six Stories With Contrived Conflict

Conflict is the engine that moves the plot and lights up characters. But what happens when a storyteller forces conflict into places where it doesn’t make sense? That’s when you get contrived conflict, and it’s usually followed by audiences asking things like “Why are they fighting?” and … read more »

Five Novels With Strong Throughlines

A throughline is the core or central plot thread of your story, the problem introduced in the beginning and resolved in the climax. It’s what ties everything together and keeps the audience engaged. Novels without strong throughlines have a difficult time building tension or creating satisfaction, two … read more »

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