How Do I Depict Historical Cultures With Problematic Behavior?

questions and answer talk bubbles

On the last podcast, Fay brought up the problematic trope of the killing of disabled people, especially if they’re disabled during the story. This made me think. If you’re writing historical or historically inspired fiction where this is something that did happen ([Malcolm provided several … read more »

How Our Stories Abandon Morality for Gray-Colored Lenses

An alien woman sits in sickbay looking angry in The Orville

Many of us grew tired of conflicts between absolute good and evil a long time ago. These conflicts often reduce antagonists to caricatures, include dehumanizing stand-ins for real groups of people, and feel too simplistic to be interesting. So, instead, many storytellers have depicted conflicts … read more »

290 – Authorial Endorsement and Messaging

The Mythcreant Podcast

Can what your protagonist thinks and does really be that important? Can it actually have an impact on how readers understand the story? Yes, yes it can, and that’s what we’re talking about today. This episode is all about authorial endorsement: what it means and … read more »

How Can I Make a Villain With a Disability Work?

questions and answer talk bubbles

So another question for Fay Onyx. With villainous characters like Darth Vader & the Joker it seems like the best thing for the disability community is to focus on a single flawed element of the villain rather then an entire condition. But what if the … read more »

Why Zombies Aren’t a Good Pandemic Parallel 

Zombies climbing a wall in WWZ

For reasons that can’t possibly have anything to do with current events, a lot of people are concerned about pandemics these days. And, like any time pandemics are in the headlines, zombie discussions are close behind. In the last few weeks, I’ve seen more social … read more »

How to Describe Women Without Degrading Them

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the sexist ways women are described in fiction. Given the normalization of the male gaze, this has left some men feeling unsure of how to write a positive description. And it’s not just men who describe women … read more »

Why “But Men Are Objectified Too” Doesn’t Hold Up

The character Red Riot from My Hero Academia

The hypersexualization and objectification of female characters is a major problem in storytelling.* Whether heroes or villains, female characters are often put in revealing or otherwise sexy costumes not because it makes sense for the story, but because it will presumably please straight cis men. … read more »

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