Five Characters You Love That Are Just Terrible

You’ve liked countless stories, but only a few had that special spark: a character you believed in. One you cried with and rejoiced with – someone that, real or not, would stay with you long after their tale ended. Now you’ve wandered too deep in … read more »

Six Reasons You Shouldn’t Enter Writing Contests

Writing contests seem so flashy and cool. They promise big prizes and publishing deals, and surely your story is good enough to win, right? Entering seems like a no-brainer! Except that it’s almost never a good idea to enter a prose writing contest.* For authors, writing … read more »

Five Signs Your Story Is Ableist

If you write ableist stories, you are contributing to the systemic oppression of people with disabilities or diseases. Of course, you probably don’t mean to make their lives worse, but good intentions won’t erase the damage your story does. It’s up to all of us to … read more »

Six Tips for Challenging Bigotry With Your Work

Storytelling has a long legacy of fighting for justice, and speculative fiction is no exception. Franchises like Star Trek and Discworld have challenged the way people think and demanded that society improve. When it feels like the path to justice has been lost, many storytellers fight back with their … read more »

93 – Science Fiction Films With Something to Say

The Mythcreant Podcast

Just because scifi movies have something deeper to say, doesn’t mean that something is good. We discuss the strange mixed messages that stories can convey, how a film’s message may depend on interpretation For some reason, Mike and Chris also let Oren go on and on about his weird … read more »

92 – Fantasy in Space

The Mythcreant Podcast

While there isn’t exactly a hard line that separates science fiction from fantasy, there are elements that most people will identify with one genre or the other. Elves and wizards are considered fantasy, outer space is considered scifi. So what happens when you mix them … read more »

Why the Surprise Kiss Must Go

Korra surprises Mako with a kiss

A while back, I made a list of creepy things we oughta stop romanticizing. In response I got mostly nods all around, except for one item: the surprise kiss. Unlike everything else, people kept defending it. Rather than arguing with every commenter, I decided to expand on why … read more »

83 – Our Favorite Monsters

The Mythcreant Podcast

Special recurring guest host Jim is back, and this time it’s not even to talk about the law! Instead, he joins Oren and Chris in a discussion about their favorite monsters from TV, books, RPGs, and beyond. Or at least, that was a plan before … read more »

Four Tips for Surviving Intimidating Conventions

Attending conventions is exciting, fun, and just a little overwhelming. As you wander in a sea of thousands of strangers who’ve all come together to enjoy something you’re passionate about, you may feel creatively invigorated and achingly lonesome at the same time. Approaching a crowded … read more »

Five Social Justice Fails That Angered Fans

We advocate for socially just stories because it’s the right thing to do, and that won’t change. But sometimes this purpose can feed false ideas about the supposed costs of social justice in our tales, as though we must choose between social justice and good storytelling or … read more »

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