An Animated Valentine to Our Patrons and Gift-Givers

A heart framing a purple space scene with a planet and moon

‘Tis the season for lovey-dovey notes, so we’ve written one to all the people who’ve helped us stay afloat. After all, we get to feel the love all year as our wonderful patrons donate their hard-earned gold coins to keep Mythcreants going. To show our … read more »

Our Best Posts of 2019

A collage of images from the Orville, Star Wars, X-Men, and Twilight

This year we had another social justice post go viral: my Six Rape Tropes and How to Replace Them. Roleplaying articles came back with a vengeance thanks to a new guest blogger, Ari Ashkenazi, and our youngest team member, Bunny, demonstrated she could deliver top-notch … read more »

An Alphabet Valentine to Our Patrons and Gift-Givers

A heart framing a purple space scene with a planet and moon

It’s that time of year when all the red and pink hearts come out – snow-covered edition! In the tradition of sending cheesy love notes to those we admire, Mythcreants is taking this opportunity to tell our supporters how much you mean to us. And … read more »

Best of 2018

We’ve had a great year at Mythcreants. We celebrated our fifth year online, started posting Q&As on the site, passed our 200th episode of the podcast, and released a new game! It can be hard to keep up with all the content we produce in … read more »

Rising Tide: Our Dark Seas Expansion for Torchbearer

Steampunk sailors battle a sea monster

After the Island Empire fell, the seas were lost. Sailors whisper that the ocean air glows and tears open, releasing titanic leviathans that slither out into the sea. They say the very fabric of reality shifts with the wind, sending the crew falling into the … read more »

Lessons From the Terrible Writing of This Post

A screenshot of the top of this article, displaying a feature image with a screen shot of the top of this article, showing a screenshot of the top of this article...

Mythcreants has numerous posts examining the terrible, awful, vivid, and even fantastic writing of various books and short stories. However, we’ve never analyzed this particular post, Lessons From the Terrible Writing of This Post. That is unfortunate, because this post contains enough terrible writing to … read more »

Celebrating Five Years of Mythcreants

Fantasy and scifi word collage

We’ve just turned five! We’re now old enough that you can trust us with scissors. It’s been a long journey from a fledgling blog to a bustling online space. Allow me to share the highlights. Read more »

Top Ten Posts of 2017

Collage of pictures from top posts

Congratulations! You survived 2017. To serve your holiday time-wasting needs, here’s our most popular posts of the year. Like last year, the three winners were all on the topic of social justice. In these posts, we encourage authors to envision the world they want to … read more »

Top Ten Posts of 2016

We’re finally at a welcome end to 2016. While this year was full of discouraging news on the social justice front, our social justice posts were incredibly popular. Here’s the cream of the crop for you to enjoy. Read more »

Top Posts of 2015

Another year has passed! In 2015 Mythcreants partnered with Patreon, held a panel at GeekGirlCon, and of course, wrote lots of juicy articles. For your year-end pleasure, here’s the highlights. Read more »

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