106 – Qualities of the Fairy Tale Genre

The Mythcreant Podcast

Once upon a time, Fay once again joined Oren and Chris, this time to discuss fairy tales. The first question on our minds: what is a fairy tale, exactly? Is it any story with fairies in it? Does it need to have a happy ending? … read more »

105 – Writing Characters Inspired by Roleplaying

The Mythcreant Podcast

Another week brings us a brand new guest host, Fay Onyx of Writing Alchemy. With Fay on board, we discuss how to draw inspiration from roleplaying characters, so you won’t have to let that treasured PC go after the final session. We discuss the benefits … read more »

104 – Reading vs Watching a Character

The Mythcreant Podcast

Which better brings a character to life: the skilled performance of a master actor or the flowing words of an author’s quill? That’s the topic we brought Wes back a third time to discuss. While TV and films let us literally see what is happening … read more »

103 – Cosmic Horror in Roleplaying Games

The Mythcreant Podcast

Roll for spookiness, for this week Wes returns to discuss cosmic horror in roleplaying games. There is of course much ribbing on the old standby Call of Cthulhu, but Wes is also kind enough to introduce a number of other games for your eldritch delight. … read more »

102 – Stories of Skilled Foreshadowing

The Mythcreant Podcast

What’s this? The Mythcreants Podcast is joined by a new guest host, and he just appeared out of nowhere! This week, Wes joins Oren and Chris to discuss works with strong foreshadowing — or at least that was the plan. Our hosts manage to get … read more »

101 – Character Description

The Mythcreant Podcast

The protagonist appeared in the doorway, dressed in a magnificent golden helm and with cerulean eyes shining fiercely. If something about that sounds a little cheesy to you, then you’ll be happy to hear that we’re spending this episode talking about character descriptions. Joined again … read more »

100 – Action RPGs

The Mythcreant Podcast

Roll for initiative: it’s time to talk about action systems in roleplaying games. This week we are joined by special guest David, a veteran of many a dragon fight. We discuss the difference between realistic systems and abstract systems, how tactical combat should be, and how much … read more »

99 – Making Secondary Characters the Protagonist

The Mythcreant Podcast

Everyone loves a good protagonist, but what about the unsung side characters who faithfully serve their role without any thanks? What if they were the main character? How would that change the story, and would the story be better for it? We consider the changes … read more »

98 – Superheroes on TV, Part 2

The Mythcreant Podcast

There were so many superheroes that we barely got through half of them last week, so we’re taking another crack at it. This time Chris busts out Gotham to show how a story can avoid the problems of characters being too powerful or too moral. … read more »

97 – Superheroes on TV, Part 1

The Mythcreant Podcast

What’s that on your TV screen? Is it a bird or plane? Nope, it’s three podcast hosts talking about superheroes on television. Capes and spandex work differently on the small screen than in movies or comic books, and we’re here to discuss why. Although mostly … read more »

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