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How Can Fantasy Stories End Without a Big Battle?

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I’m pre-writing a long fantasy series and the final “act” always seems to be a build up to one great big battle scene. Are there any other options for sci-fi/fantasy writers’ third act instead of a great big world-ending battle? That would be a great … read more »

How Do I Introduce Characters Who Need to Die?

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Hello, not sure if this is something that has been answered in a previous article, pretty sure I haven’t read all of them, so I apologize if it has. Anyway, in my story, the protagonist is a part of a noble house-ish thing that is … read more »

Would It Make Sense for Greek Gods to Create the Masquerade?

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Is there any way to set up a divinely mandated masquerade in a setting involving deities from historical pantheons? The myths I’m going on don’t have a precedent for non-interventionism, as (for example) the Greek and Norse deities regularly got involved in mortals’ lives. I’m … read more »

What Happens When I Split My Novel Into a Series?

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My story project (urban fantasy / horror mystery) is expansive enough that I’ll need to divide it into 3 or 4 books. It’s very much a single story and not a series, although I’ll make sure to line up different parts of the story with … read more »

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