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How Should I Approach Disability in a Pirate Story?

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This question may actually be more for Fay Onyx, but let me know what you think. I’m working on a humorous not-at-all-realistic story where the main characters are pirates. If I have pirates with peg-legs, hooks, and eye-patches, then I support a stereotype about certain … read more »

What’s Your Advice for Writing Mom Protagonists?

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I recently noticed that there are hardly any stories about mothers in speculative fiction. Moms in stories are likely to be dead or die, and if they’re around, they usually fill a vaguely supportive and inconvenient role. This strikes me as unfair, as moms are … read more »

How Much Tension Is Too Much?

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Hello again. I’ve read a lot about how tension and drama should always get more and more intense as the story goes on, but isn’t there a risk to do too much? To induce public apathy by having the readers think the situation is just … read more »

What Does “Strong Female Character” Even Mean?

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Hello Mythcreants! I want to write strong female characters but I also want some diversity in terms of characterization, and I don’t really know how to make a female character look strong past the easy “action woman who fights good.” How can I make strong … read more »

How Can I Work Complex Worldbuilding Into My Story?

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In a story I am helping write, the nations of the world are based off real empires from the middle ages, like Austria-Hungary, Buryatia, and Byzantium. Despite having a general knowledge of these realms, I have encountered a few problems with how to portray them … read more »

How Can I Use Realistic Disease in My Story?

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Disease and infection were deadly, particularly before modern medicine, germ theory, vaccinations, etc. However, having the main character get a coughing fit, diarrhea, and pustules does not usually make for a great adventure story. You can’t outwit or outfight cholera. You mention “A Basic Understanding … read more »

When Is It Acceptable for a Hero to Kill?

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Any advice on when it’s okay for a basically good hero (not anti-hero or neutral) to kill the villain? I don’t mean the villain falls off a cliff or drinks the untested potion or releases the monster they’ve been tormenting for weeks, the hero tries … read more »

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