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How Do I Portray Cosmic Horrors in the Open?

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Hi, I’m Josem from Spain. I am and write in Spanish but found your site a trove of information for any aspiring writer in any language. That said, my apologies if my English is a little rusty. My question is about setting, or rather the … read more »

How Quickly Can My Hero Gain Power?

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Hi! How are you? I have a character who starts out knowing very little about magic (as they just got theirs), but by the end of the story, I want them to be one of the best magic users in the story (even though they’re … read more »

How Do I Keep My Magic Separate?

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Hello, Sorry for pestering you with questions lately, but I could once again use your advice. I have a world with two factions at war with each other and a magic system based on magical pigments. One side uses written words to alter people/things in … read more »

Do I Have to Kill One of My Protagonists?

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Hello. I have been reading your character death articles, and it has made me think about my own characters in my own story. I originally was gonna have one character death, but her death was unnecessarily brutal and did not serve a purpose (the true … read more »

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