How Do I Portray a Smart Character?

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I have a question about writing from characters’ POV (3rd limited) – specifically from very clever characters’ POV. Like Soo-Won from “Akatsuki no Yona” or Lelouch from “Code Geass” – I really like these types of characters, and I want to have similar ones as … read more »

Should I Use a Masquerade?

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I’m writing fantasy for the first time, specifically historical fantasy, and I was wondering if I should keep the magical and mundane worlds separate like in Harry Potter, or fully integrate them like in Sorcerer to the Crown. What are the pros and cons of … read more »

Do You Have Advice for Graphic Novels?

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I’m trying to write a fantasy graphic novel, in the vein of Nimona or the Amulet series, and I desperately want to use the great advice on Mythcreants to write my story. Oren, I noticed in the FAQ section that you’ve got experience with graphic … read more »

What Should I Consider While Creating a Fictional Economy?

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What kind of things should I think about when creating fictional economies and currencies for my world? -Shane Hey Shane, thanks for writing in. Fictional economies are something I think about a lot, even though in most stories they fade into the background. They’re like … read more »

Are There Any RPGs With Good Rules for Animals?

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Have you ever played a tabletop RPG that effectively represented people developing useful relationships with animals (dogs, horses, etc.)? It’s such a huge part of human history but seems strangely ignored in the TTRPG space. As you once pointed out, Animal Handling or equivalents are … read more »

How Can I Write a Tight Story That Takes Place Over Years?

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Is there a way to write a tight story which takes place over many years? (How?) I’ve recently realized, most of the books I’ve read don’t last more than a year, many lasting only a few weeks. As I’m planning a series where each book is anywhere between four and ten years long, I’m worried in case that is unfeasible and I should change it before I go any further. Read more »

How Can I Ask the GM for Better Storylines?

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My roleplaying group is split into two parties. My party has gotten nothing but combat to do, whereas the other party has gotten combat plus more interesting things like diplomacy mission and mysteries to solve. I’m worried if I say something, it’ll come off wrong. How can I bring this up with upsetting my friends? Read more »

Where Should I Start My Story?

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My main characters are part of secret government unit that goes after supernatural threats. Should I start the story with the new members in training? Or should I start with them being assigned to the unit and have flashbacks to show how they’ve become friends, etc.? Read more »

Should I Use a “Throwaway” POV to Add Tension?

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I’m struggling a little bit when I want to add tension without drawing the character into it right then and there – for instance if my POV character was being stalked. I was wondering is there such a thing as adding “throwaway” POV’s. Read more »

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