How Do I Break Out of a Rut?

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Hello, I’m trying to write stories but I haven’t had much chance to interact with other writers, so I have a few questions about my writing. I always find myself writing on and off, often getting frustrated with work and either deleting it or leaving … read more »

How Do I Use Public Domain Characters Respectfully?

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Hello, I had a writing-based question I hope you would be able to answer. I’m writing a book in which I feature several characters from the public domain. The setting will not be the original setting that any of the characters are from. I want … read more »

How Should We Approach Problematic Authors?

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I was listening to old podcasts of Mythcreants and caught “The author is dead.” I’ve heard that a lot before, but what about when you love a work from a living problematic author or value their writing advice? You can’t really pretend the author is … read more »

How Can I Combine Fantasy and Science Fiction Elements?

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How do I mix magic and science fiction tech without it feeling haphazard or unbalanced? – Anon Hi Anon, From a storytelling standpoint, magic and scifi tech are nearly identical except for theming. If you’re not careful with things that feel different in theme, it … read more »

How Predictable Should a Story Be?

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Should a story, by and large, be predictable? Like should the audience more or less know what direction the story is going in, or should the story be more plot twisty and unpredictable? -Tucker Read more »

How Do I Show That a Character Is Trans?

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In a book I am currently writing, the fictional society has moved beyond any kind of transphobia, so being transgender is not treated as being anything out of the ordinary. Given this, I am wondering how to show that a character is transgender if it … read more »

How Do I Refer to the Viewpoint Character’s Parents?

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This is very specific, but what do I call the protagonist’s parents in narration? For example, my story is in third-person limited and my hero’s mother has just entered the scene. Do I refer to her as ‘her mother,’ ‘mum,’ ‘her mum’ or by her … read more »

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