Would It Make Sense for Greek Gods to Create the Masquerade?

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Is there any way to set up a divinely mandated masquerade in a setting involving deities from historical pantheons? The myths I’m going on don’t have a precedent for non-interventionism, as (for example) the Greek and Norse deities regularly got involved in mortals’ lives. I’m … read more »

What Happens When I Split My Novel Into a Series?

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My story project (urban fantasy / horror mystery) is expansive enough that I’ll need to divide it into 3 or 4 books. It’s very much a single story and not a series, although I’ll make sure to line up different parts of the story with … read more »

How Do I Keep the Authorities Out of My Plot?

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Hello Mythcreants. Writing stories I’ve found myself having a hard time preventing my characters from having access to outside help who would solve their problems for them far too easily (cops, armed forces, figures of authorities, or just reveling everything outright to the people…), especially … read more »

How Should I Approach Disability in a Pirate Story?

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This question may actually be more for Fay Onyx, but let me know what you think. I’m working on a humorous not-at-all-realistic story where the main characters are pirates. If I have pirates with peg-legs, hooks, and eye-patches, then I support a stereotype about certain … read more »

What’s Your Advice for Writing Mom Protagonists?

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I recently noticed that there are hardly any stories about mothers in speculative fiction. Moms in stories are likely to be dead or die, and if they’re around, they usually fill a vaguely supportive and inconvenient role. This strikes me as unfair, as moms are … read more »

How Much Tension Is Too Much?

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Hello again. I’ve read a lot about how tension and drama should always get more and more intense as the story goes on, but isn’t there a risk to do too much? To induce public apathy by having the readers think the situation is just … read more »

What Does “Strong Female Character” Even Mean?

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Hello Mythcreants! I want to write strong female characters but I also want some diversity in terms of characterization, and I don’t really know how to make a female character look strong past the easy “action woman who fights good.” How can I make strong … read more »

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