Seven Common Problems in Character Creation

An old illustration of Victor Frankenstein working on his monster.

Character creation prepares players for the game. It is their first encounter with the rules and sets expectations for what is to come. Not only does character creation decide a PC’s mechanical abilities, but it’s also vital for building player excitement. If players don’t come … read more »

Five Reasons to Play Roleplaying Games

Here at Mythcreants, we write a lot about how you can get more fun out of your game. This is great for veteran players, but not everyone is a veteran player. Some people haven’t experienced an RPG at all, which is why a reader recently … read more »

Five Rule Changes That Made Games Worse

Lord Cthulhu standing over the ocean.

We want to be excited when our favorite roleplaying system releases a new edition. The designers have been hard at work, we hope, fixing problems and adding new functionality. But that’s not always what we get. Sometimes, we open a shiny new book and find … read more »

Four Illusions Game Masters Employ

An old illustration of a magician reading a woman's mind.

In video-game design, the concept of “hidden mechanics” is well documented. It refers to all those times a game uses illusion and sleight of hand to improve player experience. Did you know most platformers give you a grace period after you’ve stepped off a ledge … read more »

Star Trek Adventures Is Clunky and Uninspired

Star Trek is a difficult setting to roleplay in. The canon is labyrinthine and confusing, with material drawn from hundreds of episodes, many of which contradict each other. The aesthetics vary widely depending on the time period and the series, making it hard to imagine they exist in the same universe. … read more »

Eight Tips For Managing NPCs

NPCs are an essential part of every game, but managing them can be a real chore, especially in longer campaigns. In the early sessions, none of the players know who your NPCs are. By the end, your NPCs have developed so much it’s hard to … read more »

Six More Common Design Mistakes in Roleplaying Games

It’s been some time since I discussed mistakes common to roleplaying games, and designers have not been idle in my absence. Quite the opposite, they’ve been churning out enough mistakes to make a critic weep with joy.* These mistakes show up across multiple games and cause … read more »

Windermere’s Fan Is Fun, If a Little Clunky

By the Author of Lady Windermere’s Fan is a new story game being kickstarted by Ed Turner. There’s no GM and no dice, just a group of equals sitting down to create a story. The game is heavily inspired by the works of Oscar Wilde, … read more »

Why the Punitive Model of GMing Doesn’t Work

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about why it’s vital for GMs to get the consent and collaboration of their players. By far the most controversial point in that post was the idea that character death shouldn’t be forced, either by GM fiat … read more »

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