Windermere’s Fan Is Fun, If a Little Clunky

By the Author of Lady Windermere’s Fan is a new story game being kickstarted by Ed Turner. There’s no GM and no dice, just a group of equals sitting down to create a story. The game is heavily inspired by the works of Oscar Wilde, … read more »

Why the Punitive Model of GMing Doesn’t Work

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about why it’s vital for GMs to get the consent and collaboration of their players. By far the most controversial point in that post was the idea that character death shouldn’t be forced, either by GM fiat … read more »

Why Player Consent and Collaboration Are Vital

A lego battle between multiple scifi characters.

Roleplaying games have their roots in wargaming, where each character was little more than a machine for killing goblins and gaining loot. It’s no surprise that many GMs still see their campaigns as a one-way street. The GM says how it’s gonna be, and the players … read more »

How to Plot a Session

A classical painting of a man working on a book.

Every veteran gamemaster has their own process for planning sessions, but what about those just starting out? If you’ve never worked behind the screen, planning a session can seem daunting. Not only do you need to create fun content, but also you’ve got to contend … read more »

Five Essential Habits for Guiding Players

Running a game is hard. A GM has to not only manage the story but also the game’s participants. GMs are asked to guide everyone to a satisfactory ending while making it look like they are hands off. To keep everyone happy and on track, GMs need to … read more »

Blades in the Dark Is Innovative, but Difficult to Run

A cloaked man, lit by fire light, with a dagger in one hand.

Blades in the Dark is a new roleplaying game, designed by John Harper and published by Evil Hat Productions. It is a game of desperate criminals in an industrial dystopia, taking heavy inspiration from TV shows like Peaky Blinders, video games like Dishonored, and novels … read more »

Six Fantastic Roleplaying Mechanics

A steampunk pendent, heart shaped with gears inside.

A few weeks ago I wrote about flawed mechanics that shouldn’t be in roleplaying games, and a day or so later, Jonny sent me this email: Dear Mythcreants, I loved Oren’s article “Five Roleplaying Mechanics That Must Go.” I couldn’t help but feel, however, that … read more »

Five Roleplaying Mechanics That Must Go

Roleplaying design isn’t easy, as we can see from all the bad mechanics that make their way into our favorite games. Some mechanics aren’t inherently flawed but are merely implemented poorly. Other mechanics have no redeeming qualities and should be dropped completely. It’s that second category we’re talking about today. Designers use … read more »

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