Five Tips for Running a Political Intrigue Campaign

Dungeon crawling can be fun, but sometimes we want something different. Instead of following Frodo on his long walk to Mt. Doom, you might want to focus on the Elven leadership as they debate the future of their people. Perhaps speeches in the Roman Senate are more … read more »

29 – Narrative Roleplaying Games

The Mythcreant Podcast

Chris, Oren, Mike, and special guest Sarah Gould discuss roleplaying games with mechanics for building a story. They describe the challenges of building stories from games, rant and rave about their favorite and least favorite narrative games, and listen to Oren complain about GM-less games … read more »

Tailoring a Campaign for Your Gaming Group

You have your gaming group assembled, your basic materials at hand, and you’re ready to start gaming. As a GM and a storyteller, you might feel like jumping straight into the plot lines that will define your campaign, but it’s best to ease into that. … read more »

Four Reasons to Start Your Campaign Right Now

Gamemastering a roleplaying campaign is hard. Also, the sky is blue, and two plus two equals four. Because running a game is so difficult, there’s a natural tendency to delay getting one started. There’s always a schedule conflict or just a bit more to plan, but … read more »

Preparing for Success With Your Next Major Campaign

Creating a large, year-long campaign is an ambitious project to undertake. When done well, the payoff is spectacular, and everyone involved will talk about it for years. However, it definitely requires a lot of planning. If you’re not careful, you can spend more time planning your masterpiece than playing it! But … read more »

Torchbearer Is Fun – With House Rules

Torchbearer is a new roleplaying game from Burning Wheel HQ, the guys who brought us Burning Wheel and Mouse Guard, among other things. Their games have a great track record, so I rushed out to get this one as soon as it was available. Read more »

The Pros and Cons of the Learn by Doing Method

Experience points are the standard unit of measuring character advancement in roleplaying games, and they have been since the very beginning. Kill the goblin, get 25 experience points. What could be simpler? Sometimes they might be called character points, and there have been countless different … read more »

Drawing Character Inspiration From Game Mechanics

Every time you build a new PC, it’s an opportunity to explore a new character’s story. But what if you draw a blank? It’s a struggle to be creative without context in an unknown campaign world, or to create a replacement character if your original … read more »

Four Dangers of Unplanned Character Death

Every time a character gets into combat in most roleplaying games, there’s a chance for them to die. Any Legend of the Five Rings character that goes past their last wound box or Burning Wheel character who receives a mortal hit is pretty much finished. … read more »

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