Advantages and Disadvantages of Dice Pool Systems

Dice have been an integral part of tabletop roleplaying games since the beginning. After all, how else can someone know if their black arrow will hit the dragon in his secret weak spot, or if it will miss terribly and then said dragon will eat … read more »

Acting With Clear Intent Improves Roleplaying

A common stumbling block in tabletop roleplaying games occurs when trying to arbitrate the results of a social interaction between characters. There are several clear layers of rules for most mechanics that provide guidance for the results of a roll, like attacking an enemy or … read more »

How Metagaming Can Improve Your Campaign

One of the more frustrating habits a roleplayer can have is metagaming too much. The frequent metagamer can alienate the game master and other players if they start to feel that the metagamer is so concerned with winning that they are no longer playing in … read more »

Leaving the Dungeon Crawl Behind

When an uninitiated friend or relative asks what I do on Saturday nights, I will sometimes tell them that I play Dungeons & Dragons to save time and explanations, even if the actual game in question is Vampire: The Sparkling. Read more »

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