Building Crescent City: How Maas Remixed Old Tropes

A map of Crescent City

Hey there, friend, do you feel like joining some vampires for a night out on the town? What about riding with a werewolf motorcycle gang or chasing down demons in the city’s unrealistically accessible sewers? I hope at least one of those things appeals to … read more »

301 – Theming Your World… Again

The Mythcreant Podcast

Water, earth, fire, Amelia Earhart. Wait, what? One of those things is not like the others. This is what happens when you don’t theme your world. What does theming your world mean? I’m glad you asked, because this week we have a podcast all about … read more »

How Can I Justify a Lost McGuffin?

questions and answer talk bubbles

Hi! I read somewhere on here that it can be weird if you have a very important, world saving object and it is broken into pieces/deactivated/something like that without a reason. What are some valid reasons for doing this? -Clover Read more »

Building Mars: How Red Rising Flubs Class Conflict

The red wolf crest of House Mars in Red Rising

Red Rising by Pierce Brown imagines a far future where humanity has spread across the solar system. There’s just one problem: a rigid, color-coded caste system ensures the constant oppression of those at the bottom for the benefit of those at the top. Ruling Golds … read more »

Using Incantations in Your Magic System

The three Sanderson sisters from Hocus Pocus singing on stage

Classic fantasy spellcasting wouldn’t be the same without incantations, but they’re challenging to work into a magic system. First, you have to create incantations that sound mysterious rather than silly. Second, language is so variable that it’s difficult to pin down how a specific phrase … read more »

Should I Have Multiple Alien Species or Just One?

questions and answer talk bubbles

Hello again, I was thinking about how some stories focus only on one type of being, like how Steven Universe has the Gems, whereas other stories, like Tolkien’s work, have many different types of beings. What I’m interested in finding out is, what are some … read more »

How Do I Limit What Elemental Magic Can Do?

questions and answer talk bubbles

I’m having trouble creating a magic system that is balanced. I am attempting to make a system in which magic comes from energy within and is directed through will. It has an elements style theme (fire, water, earth, air, shadow, light, etc). However, I find … read more »

How Do I Introduce Alternative World Aspects?

questions and answer talk bubbles

How can I seamlessly incorporate my fantasy world into the real world we experience today, especially without info dumping? For example, adding cities/towns to an already well-known city? A country to the globe? Even more specifically, I’m thinking of making Washington DC a state in … read more »

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