260 – Swamps, Bogs, and Fens Oh My

The Mythcreant Podcast

This week we leave the idyllic forests and pristine meadows behind to enter the deep dark dampness of the swamp! Or the bog, marsh, fen, mangrove forest, whatever floats your swamp boat. These wetlands are often portrayed as dangerous and unfriendly to humans, which isn’t … read more »

How Do I Keep the Authorities Out of My Plot?

questions and answer talk bubbles

Hello Mythcreants. Writing stories I’ve found myself having a hard time preventing my characters from having access to outside help who would solve their problems for them far too easily (cops, armed forces, figures of authorities, or just reveling everything outright to the people…), especially … read more »

255 – Monsters of Ice and Snow

The Mythcreant Podcast

Brrrr, it’s cold! That’s bad enough, but what if there were monsters in the cold? That would be way worse, if maybe more fun, and it’s what we’re discussing today. We talk about the coolest ice monsters out there, and then list some snow creatures … read more »

How Can I Work Complex Worldbuilding Into My Story?

questions and answer talk bubbles

In a story I am helping write, the nations of the world are based off real empires from the middle ages, like Austria-Hungary, Buryatia, and Byzantium. Despite having a general knowledge of these realms, I have encountered a few problems with how to portray them … read more »

What Makes an Antagonistic Group Problematic?

The White Orc from the Hobbit films.

Antagonists are an indispensable tool of storytelling, and a lot of stories require large groups of bad guys to oppose the heroes. But in addition to all the technical challenges of crafting antagonistic groups, we have to consider when these groups become harmful in real … read more »

How Can I Use Realistic Disease in My Story?

questions and answer talk bubbles

Disease and infection were deadly, particularly before modern medicine, germ theory, vaccinations, etc. However, having the main character get a coughing fit, diarrhea, and pustules does not usually make for a great adventure story. You can’t outwit or outfight cholera. You mention “A Basic Understanding … read more »

Five Scifi Stories That Would Be Better as Fantasy

Spock and McCoy held captive by Romans with machine guns.

Despite what some purists may tell you, there’s no clear line between scifi and fantasy. Instead, each genre has a collection of elements we associate with it, and different stories may have more or fewer of those elements. That’s why we can confidently say that … read more »

Explaining the Urban Fantasy Masquerade

Evil Stiles and his minions from Teen Wolf

Speculative fiction storytellers will go a long way to make fantastical situations feel plausible. Sure, they will never be perfectly plausible because magic isn’t real, but it’s still no good if our audience is wondering why the hero won’t use teleportation during our tense climax. … read more »

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