190 – What Is Literary Fiction?

The Mythcreant Podcast

Have you heard of this thing called literary fiction? We have, but we’re not quite certain what it is or why it matters. And we’re not the only ones who are confused. This week we get deep into what “literary” means, and how much writers … read more »

Why English Needs Singular They

A portrait of William Shakespeare.

Despite the growing recognition of gender-neutral pronouns, many people – particularly in the writing industry – reject singular they. These traditionalists usually complain that singular they will make English worse. But English itself has something to say about that. Read more »

Lessons From the Hyped Writing of Dawn of Wonder

Art showing man holding sword, with a fortress in the background

As soon as I spotted the cover for Jonathan Renshaw’s Dawn of Wonder, The Wakening, I knew this was the book to critique. “Dawn of Wonder” is already dramatic sounding, and adding “The Wakening” pushes it into melodrama. It doesn’t help that these words border … read more »

182 – Literary Devices

The Mythcreant Podcast

But soft, what podcast through yonder feed breaks? That there was an allusion, one of the many many literary devices authors have at their disposal. But what do literary devices mean, and how can they be used in a way that’s not grating and awkward? … read more »

A Beginner’s Guide to Epistolary Writing

Old Letter and Photos

Many writers have a pet narrative technique they think is underused and underappreciated. For me, it’s epistolary writing. While this framing premise has its challenges, it can also be wonderfully creative and powerful. For those who haven’t tried it, allow me to give you a … read more »

179 – Keeping Your Manuscript Smooth

The Mythcreant Podcast

Have you ever had a beta reader ask you a question about a scene you don’t remember having in your story, only to find out it was an artifact from a previous draft? Not only is that embarrassing, but it can also cost you time … read more »

178 – Describing the Environment

The Mythcreant Podcast

A story’s environment is vitally important, but how do we describe it? Too little description and the reader feels like the story takes place in a blank white void. Too much description and the plot gets lost. Should you use unusual and distinctive words, or … read more »

Giving Your Hero Sympathetic Problems

Frodo stares at the one ring in the glow of mount doom

Making your protagonist a relatable underdog is a great way to encourage your audience to bond with them. Unfortunately, it’s easy for this effort to go wrong. Instead of feeling sympathy for your hero, the audience might think your character is whiny and unpleasant. The narration … read more »

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