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At the table, Emma and Tash are relaxing.

Tash: That ending was a real trip. Nice job.

Emma: Thanks. Maybe next we could do some reality bending weirdness with mage.

Tash: Actually, I think I’d like a more straightforward adventure for our next game.

Faird returns to the table.

Farid: Something with dark dungeons, rending monsters, and glittering treasure?

Emma: That could be okay, but I don’t want it to be overly complex like D&D.

Tash: If we’re crawling through dungeons, I’d also like something with robust mechanics so I don’t have to track all our resources manually.

Farid opens a new book.

Farid: Then have I got a game for you. Behold!

In the game, Emma and Tash have become bears holding torches. Farid speaks in a voice over. 

Emma: Huh, I guess this could be a fun game.

Tash: A lot furrier than I expected.

Farid: No, TorchbearER!



  1. Cay Reet

    My curiosity about the new campaign is unBEARable.

    • Ian

      Just BEAR with them a moment. Once they got their BEARing, i’m sure this comic gonna be the BEARer of great and funny things. Nothing too barBEARic, juste BEARe fun. And it will BEARely take a second or two of your time. A really low BEARyer-of-entry, if i do say-so myself.

      I’m PAWsitive it’s gonna be FANGtastic and PANDAring to ours needs and won’t be TEDDYous at all to read.

      PS: i like puns.

      • Cay Reet

        These puns are overBEARing.

      • Henry Lancaster

        Good lord, I didn’t know Monokuma read this comic. :p

    • Oren Ashkenazi

      The puns must flow!

  2. Ian

    Thank you BEARy much.

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