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Blood Secrets


In the game, Farid and Tash are ambushed by a vampire. Emma speaks in voice over. 

Emma: A man dressed in red and black steps from the shadows. You see fangs emerge from his jaws.

Vampire: I am the Prince of this city, changelings, and I shall feast on your blood.

Farid: I don’t think so!

Farid swings his sword at the vampire, but the vampire dodges away with super speed. 

Farid: Damn, he’s good.

Tash: Let me handle this.

Tash extends her arm. The vampire bites down on Tash’s arm, and his eyes go swirly with color. 

Vampire: So… many… colors.

The vampire collapses on the ground. 

Farid: How did you know your blood would make him high?

Tash: The Autumn Court knows many things. Our ways are strange and unknowable. Also I read it back when we were playing Vampire.


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