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Princes and Paupers

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At the table, Farid holds the book open. 
Faird: So what would you like to play? Think classic fantasy and D&D tropes.

In the game, Tash stands with beautiful armor and a long, curved bow.

Tash: I’m feeling the classic elven ranger with flowing hair, shining armor, and a magnificent bow.

Emma brandishes a powerful hammer and shield over carved plate mail armor. 

Emma: A dwarven cleric for me, with ornate plate mail and a horned helmet.

At the table Farid looks in the book. 

Farid: Okay, normally dwarves can only be the Adventurer class, but we can house rule that. There’s still a problem though.

Tash: What?

Farid: About your starting weapons and armor…

In the game, Emma and Tash appear with far more modest equipment. 

Farid: Torchbearer takes a more frugal approach than most games.



  1. GeniusLemur

    To be fair, starting extremely weak and badly underequipped is ALSO a classic D&D trope.

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