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Computer Love


On a spaceship, a figure is hidden by a large white cloth. The captain holds the end of the cloth, about to unveil it. A small dog yips at the captain’s feet.

Captain: Computer?

Computer: Yes, Captain?

Captain: You said you wanted a physical form to be closer to me. So… happy birthday!

The cloth has been taken off to reveal a sexy female android body. The captain smiles in self-satisfaction. The dog growls at it.

Computer: A thoughtful gift, Captain. However, I was speaking to Waffles.

The captain sulks as, in front of him, the small dog rubs heads with a small android dog, hearts floating above them.



  1. Jeppsson


  2. Dave L

    Have you had your computer neutered or spayed?

    • Alverant

      To say nothing about protection from viruses.

    • A.R.

      If not, maybe there will be adorable cyborg puppies!

      Oh gosh, now I’m imagining them.

  3. Julia S

    Oh, dear. Is this when Captain Archer decides to blow up the computer?

    • Bellis

      Well, if it was a choice between Archer and Porthos, I know who I’d chose!

      I’m glad this comic has a happy ending

  4. CJ

    Oh how the turn tables

  5. RD

    Great Subversion!

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