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Fight or More Fight?

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Emma: The cultist ambushes you in the club’s back room, and your gun is still in the car!

Tash: Then I proceed to punch his face directly.

Emma: He hits you back. Roll Fighting.

In the game, Tash’s character, surrounded by cultists, socks the first one in the face as Farid’s character ducks.

Tash: Success.

Emma: Ok, now you get to hit him again.

Tash: But Farid hasn’t gone yet.

Emma: You won your defense roll, so you get to hit him again.

Tash: Wait, so any time you win a defensive Fighting roll, you get a free hit on them?

Emma: Yep.

Tash: You said there were more cultists in the room, yes? I have a thought.

In the game, Tash rapidly punches all the cultists, sending them flying.


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