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I Believe, Therefore I Am

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Tash, Emma, and Farid sit at a gaming table. Tash is the GM.

Tash: Time to choose your character’s three Beliefs.

Farid: Right! 1. The Kingdom is in Grave Danger. 2. He Must Save It and 3. Evil Must be Defeated.

Emma looks disappointed.

Emma: Sigh.

Farid: What?

Emma: I was just hoping for something a little less ‘mighty heroes slaying dragons and saving princesses,’ you know?

Tash: It doesn’t have to be for your character. Choose your own beliefs.

Emma still looks glum.

Emma: Fine. What do I got to choose from?

Tash: There’s no list. Your beliefs can be whatever you want them to be.

Emma smiles wolfishly.

Tash [reading off of Emma’s list]: “1. All life is a pointless farce. 2. I will discover the source of reality. 3. I will end it.”

Farid: Uh oh.

Emma: I think I am going to like this game after all.



  1. Kathy Ferguson

    I love the dreads and T-shirt! Looking forward to hearing more from the girl with attitude.

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