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Tash and Farid sit at the gaming table.

Farid: Come on Tash, let’s continue from where we left off! We can have an epic journey out of the dragon’s digestive tract!

Tash: Nope. When Emma gets back we are starting a new game.

Farid: But we could battle giant tapeworms! DRAGON TAPEWORMS!

With a click, the lights in the room turn off.

Farid: Who turned out the lights?

Tash: …I’ll go hit the switch.

The lights come on to reveal Emma holding a book and wearing a cloak. Farid jumps.

Farid: Tash! Invading cultists!

Tash: Emma? … Are you GMing now?

Emma: Oh yes…

She shows them the book.

Emma: Tremble in fear, tiny mortals, for it is time for Call of Cthulhu.

Farid: Uh oh.

Emma: 7th Edition.


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