Comics: Roll Dice Already!

Memory Problems

Tash enthralling a police officer while Emma watches. The police officer realizing his memories have been strangely altered.


In the game, Tash uses her Dominate power on a police officer. The cop’s eyes are blank, and Emma is looking on excitedly.

Tash: Ok, I’ve got the cop under my thrall. Now to replace his memories with something that doesn’t destroy the Masquerade.

Emma: Oh, take out me using my superspeed and put me on a motorcycle instead!

Tash: I think a quiet night at home would be better.

Emma: But I want him to remember how cool I was!

At the table, Farid interrupts Emma and Tash’s arguing.

Farid: How about you roll, and then decide?

Tash: Fine.

Tash rolls six d10s. They all come up 1s and 2s.

Tash: Uh oh.

In the game, the cop from before is speaking to a new cop at the water cooler.

New Cop: So, what happened last night?

Old Cop: Uhh….

The cop imagines a scene of himself relaxing at home, but Tash is floating above him, and Emma’s head rests on top of a motorcycle in one of the cop’s chairs.



  1. Sam Beringer

    Cop: Well… whatever I was smoking in that pipe was REALLY strong and I should lay off of it.

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