Comics: Once Upon a Trope

Menacing Force


We see a battlefield full of identical soldiers, with only a colored stripe to distinguish one side from the other. One side has been decimated, their fallen everywhere, and the last soldier, who happens to have a little hair visible under her helmet, is surrounded by identical enemies pointing their spears at her. One of her fallen comrades reaches toward her.

Fallen comrade: No… don’t hurt Ann!

The soldiers collectively gasp.

Soldier in front: Ann!?

Soldier 1 in back: Crap, did I just hear Ann?

Soldier 2 in back: They called her Ann!

The attackers drop their spears and flee.

Soldier 1: We’re doomed!

Soldier 2: Run for it!

Two of the soldiers converse as they run.

Soldier 3: What did everyone hear about her that’s so scary?

Soldier 2: She has a name!



  1. Cay Reet

    She’s not a redshirt! She will kill us all!

  2. Dave L

    Soldier 3 (just before the last panel): I don’t know why everyone is running away scared, but I’m running along w/ the rest of them

  3. Innocent Bystander

    But what if she’s supposed to die tragically?

  4. Julia

    lol – I was running a game where the PCs had a group of henchmen who were getting killed off one by one. They named the last two remaining so I wouldn’t kill them. It worked – I decided to spare them since the players got so attached to them.

  5. Erynus

    Her name should be Martha

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