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Most Valuable Problem

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Tash: …and with your victory over the corrupt Duke, this session is at an end. Time to award Most Valuable Player.

Farid: Yeah, I really worked for it—

Emma: You’re too kind, Tash, I—

Farid and Emma: Hey!

The two lean in to argue.

Farid: If I hadn’t defeated the Duke in single combat, his soldiers would never have given up!

Emma: Not to brag, but we couldn’t have survived the Duke’s court wizards without my counter magic.

Farid: I was clearly the MVP of this session!

Emma: Sure, if MVP means fighting one person while I was holding off an entire castle.

Tash: Farid, Emma, please. Neither of you could have made it through that adventure alone. You both know it. Farid, without Emma you’d have been turned to ash. Emma, without Farid you’d have been overwhelmed by soldiers.

Farid and Emma smile at each other.

Farid: …Yeah, you’re right, Tash. I’m sorry, Emma. You should get MVP.

Emma: No, I’m sorry. You should get MVP.

Farid: No way, the way you took down those wizards was the coolest!

Emma: Are you kidding? You beat one of the best swordsmen in the Kingdom!

Tash grins.

Tash: You know what guys, I think I’ll bend the rules this time… I’ll be MVP.

Farid and Emma look shocked.


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