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Shielded From the Truth

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In the game,Tash and Emma are making camp. Tash is polishing her bow, Emma looks on in jealousy.

Emma: I need some better equipment. Ever since I lost my shield, you’ve been doing all the fighting.

Tash: I’d be happy to buy you a new one, if we hadn’t spent all our money on luxuries like food.

Emma holds a piece of metal over the fire with tongs and raises her hammer. 

Emma: Never mind money, I’ve got the Armorer skill, I’ll just make a shield myself.

At the table, Emma’s dice come up 1s and 2s. 

Farid: Well that’s a failure. You make your shield, but you gain the Afraid condition.  

Emma: Afraid? From making a shield?

Emma recoils from her shield, which on the flickering firelight has taken on the spooky image of a face. 

Tash: What’s the matter, Emma?

Emma: …you, you don’t see it??


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