Comics: Roll Dice Already!

The Smaller They Come


In the game, a monstrous ogre threatens Tash and Farid. Emma Speaks in a voice-over. 

Emma: A huge ogre emerges from the hedge, destruction and mayhem on its mind.

Farid tries to attack the ogre but its club keeps him at bay. 

Farid: It’s too big, I can’t get close!

Tash: I know, I’ll use my Transfigure the Flesh contract to match it in size.

At the table, Tash rolls her dice. They all come up 1s. 

Emma: Dramatic failure. You know what that means.

In the game, Tash shrinks down to a fraction of her normal size. 

Tash: I guess retreat is the order of the day.

Farid: No way, I have a plan! 

Farid throws Tash at the ogre. She tucks into a ball and smacks it right between the eye. 


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