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Where There’s Smoke

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This comic contains minor spoilers for The Voyage, but major plot points have been changed to preserve the mystery.


In the game, smoke pours out of the ship’s engine room. Tash speaks in a voice over. 

Tash: You’ve managed to escape your pursuers, for now, but as you approach the engine room, you see smoke billowing out.

Farid: No! We’ll never get our memories back if the ship burns down! Also, we’ll probably die.

Emma grabs a fire extinguisher and tries to put out the blaze.

Tash: You try a fire extinguisher but the blaze is too large.

Farid grabs a fire hose. 

Farid: I found a fire hose, let’s try that!

At the table, Farid gathers his dice. 

Tash: Roll five dice for your Athlete and Strength.

All of Farid’s dice come up ones. 

In the game, Faird has flooded the engine room. 

Farid: Well, at least the fire is out.

Emma: Can a ship even burn down?


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