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109 – Getting Into Character

The Mythcreant Podcast

Roll some dice, because it’s time to talk about roleplaying games – specifically, how to get into character at the table. Kristin is back to share her wisdom, which is a good thing, too, because Chris needs help dealing with Oren’s pro-GM propaganda. We talk … read more »


Three Types of Roleplaying Mechanics

When I mention mechanics in a roleplaying game, most people will think about attacking with a sword or using magic to blast their enemies off the face of reality. That’s not what we’re talking about today. Instead, it’s time to examine the rules that govern … read more »


A Guide to Casual Roleplaying Scenes

When people describe their roleplaying game adventures, they tend to talk about desperate battles or heroic speeches. They recall the points of high adventure when everything rested on a single roll of the dice, or theatrical performances so good they brought the group to tears. … read more »


Three Tips for Getting Into Character

There are few things that make roleplaying games more enjoyable than playing a part. Even if the GM is railroading you through the Oregon Trail, fun character interactions can save the day. Unfortunately, getting into character can be an elusive target. If you have lots of … read more »

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