Game Master Tips


Four Systems for Inexperienced Game Masters

So you’re a new game master. Maybe you’ve been a player for a while and want to take a seat behind the screen, or maybe you’ve never played at all and this whole “collaborative storytelling” thing sounds fun. What system are you going to choose? … read more »


How to Evaluate a Roleplaying Game

I’ve spoken before about what makes a setting good for roleplaying, and I’ve reviewed a number of roleplaying systems here on the blog, so it’s time to lay out what makes the system itself good or bad. While each system is a unique snowflake, several factors … read more »


Six Concepts To Keep Your Party Together

The main characters from the Fellowship of the Ring

Most roleplaying games work best if your PCs stick together. It’s possible to run a game where half the party is in New York and the other half is in Hong Kong, but it’s much simpler if they stay within close geographic proximity. Unfortunately, players … read more »


Six Types of Players, and How to Direct Them

Lots of articles out there* talk about different types of problem players and how to address them. That’s a worthy topic, but the vast majority of players are rarely disruptive enough to count as a “problem.” Instead, most players will have distinct strengths and weaknesses … read more »


64 – When to Use House Rules

The Mythcreant Podcast

Oren, Mike, and Johnathan get into the weeds with roleplaying rulesets. They discuss problems with rules-as-written and when to follow designer intent vs. establishing house rules. Johnathan also gleefully explains why roleplaying games are just like practicing law. Read more »


Five Tips for Large Roleplaying Groups

Sometimes you have a lot of friends, and they all want to be in your games. That’s great. More players add variety and cool ideas to your campaign. Think of all the new stories you’ll be able to tell. But large groups present new problems … read more »

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