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104 – Reading vs Watching a Character

The Mythcreant Podcast

Which better brings a character to life: the skilled performance of a master actor or the flowing words of an author’s quill? That’s the topic we brought Wes back a third time to discuss. While TV and films let us literally see what is happening … read more »


Devising Conflict Between Protagonists

Conflicts within Team Good allow us to develop characters while adding excitement to scenes. However, most good guys have every reason to stay on good terms. Without a villain, it can be tricky to get them fighting. As a result, many protagonist conflicts rely on good guys that act out of character or manifest glaring new flaws. … read more »


Six Unsolved Cases of Missing Women in Spec Fic

Speculative fiction has always had difficulty including women. The number of spec fic stories that don’t have enough women in them is nearly equal to the number of spec fic stories in existence, but some stories are particularly egregious. The absence of women in these … read more »


97 – Superheroes on TV, Part 1

The Mythcreant Podcast

What’s that on your TV screen? Is it a bird or plane? Nope, it’s three podcast hosts talking about superheroes on television. Capes and spandex work differently on the small screen than in movies or comic books, and we’re here to discuss why. Although mostly … read more »


Six Subversive Heroes for Stand Out Stories

Today’s popular stories pick most of their heroes from the same narrow group of people, reinforcing destructive stereotypes and stripping characters of interesting variation. But storytellers get a silver lining: we have an easy opportunity to make our heroes stand apart by subverting convention. To get started, take some worthy people who … read more »


Why the Surprise Kiss Must Go

Korra surprises Mako with a kiss

A while back, I made a list of creepy things we oughta stop romanticizing. In response I got mostly nods all around, except for one item: the surprise kiss. Unlike everything else, people kept defending it. Rather than arguing with every commenter, I decided to expand on why … read more »


86 – Depicting Microaggressions

The Mythcreant Podcast

To depict microaggressions is to take on one of the most persistent problems of our society. With recurring guest host Dash joining in for a third time, it’s time to talk about that low level harassment that so many people commit without ever realizing it. … read more »

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