39 – Scientific Accuracy in Stories

The Mythcreant Podcast

Dr. Brandon Kier joins Oren, Mike, and Chris in discussing scientific accuracy – or lack thereof – in popular stories. They speculate on whether scientific accuracy is important, describe stories and scenes with questionable science, and highlight how science and the scientific process is itself portrayed. Read more »


Ten WTF Ways To Die in Roleplaying Games

When our favorite roleplaying character finally meets their maker, we all hope it’ll be in glorious battle, standing firm against all odds to protect what they hold dear. Or maybe they’ll go peacefully in their sleep after a long life of accomplishments. But who are … read more »


Three Writing Exercises for Better Characters

A renaissance painting of a woman showing her child a book.

Characters can be tricky to pin down – or even write correctly in the first place. Some lucky writers have characters that are willing to sit down and chat with them. Others can slip themselves into their character’s shoes without much difficulty. If you’re having … read more »


38 – Gendered AI

The Mythcreant Podcast

Grace joins Oren, Mike, and Chris in discussing how artificial personalities are gendered. They mention computer voices in use today and the explanations given for their gender. They describe female and male robots and AI in science fiction, and how their depiction differs. Read more »


Lucy Shows Us How NOT to Tell a Story

Let’s be honest, who among us hasn’t sat down at their desk one day and thought, “Maybe I should write a story that’s terrible in every possible way?” That must have been the process behind the 2014 action film Lucy, because I can think of … read more »

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