Four Functions of Amazing Opening Lines

The perfect opening line embodies the magic of authorial voice, blended with heartfelt experience, stirred with striking prose, shaken with a mysterious essence beyond our comprehension, then poured carefully over ice. Just kidding. Read more »


How to Use Lovecraftian Horrors in Your Stories

Lovecraftian horror is a specific subgenre that blends noir and horror with a dash of cosmic terror and a sense of insignificance. H.P. Lovecraft did it first, but many authors and artists have continued his traditions with varied and horrific stories. The eldritch abominations of … read more »


Five Tips for Large Roleplaying Groups

Sometimes you have a lot of friends, and they all want to be in your games. That’s great. More players add variety and cool ideas to your campaign. Think of all the new stories you’ll be able to tell. But large groups present new problems … read more »


How to Narrate a Riveting Fight Scene

Many stories depend on fight scenes for action and excitement. Storytellers are used to watching marvelous fights on screen, but that doesn’t tell us how to make combat riveting with our words. So it’s no surprise Ellie sent us this question: I was wondering if … read more »


61 – Stories That Do Diversity Right

The Mythcreant Podcast

Oren, Mike, and Rhys rave about stories that handle diversity well. They detail what’s refreshing about each story and how works benefit from incorporating greater diversity. As they highlight the good aspects of many stories, they also discuss where a few stories fall short. Read more »


Five Useless Skills in Roleplaying Games

Skills are put into roleplaying games for a reason. They allow characters to do something they otherwise couldn’t – most of the time. Once in awhile, you come across a skill with no clear use. Some are overshadowed by another, better skill. Others simply never … read more »

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