Utopias, Dystopias, Nuts, and Bolts

If you haven’t already been assaulted by ads, its Geek Week on Youtube; Geek Smash has a roundup. Everyone else got nerdy about using your words. Except the roleplayers; they declined to use any words. Blame Gen Con Read more »


Five Crazy Things Humans Can Already Do

Set a science fiction story far enough into the future, and you’re bound to see characters with bizarre and fantastic powers. But humans are capable of some pretty crazy things already, and some oddities don’t require breaking any rules – only bending them. Read more »


When to Cut That Scene

Inserting extra fluff scenes is a very common mistake for new writers. Useless scenes destroy a story’s pacing, turning a page-turner into a plodding pony. Luckily, they’re also easy to recognize; you just have to know what to look for. Read more »


Nerdgasms, Teleportation, and Those Damn Boats

Part 3 of Anita’s series on tropes is out, highly recommended. We also have lots of real-world science this week to inspire your political thrillers, terrifying aliens, and future utopias. P.S. to Charlie Jane Anders: please stop writing so many good articles. Read more »


Acting With Clear Intent Improves Roleplaying

A common stumbling block in tabletop roleplaying games occurs when trying to arbitrate the results of a social interaction between characters. There are several clear layers of rules for most mechanics that provide guidance for the results of a roll, like attacking an enemy or … read more »

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