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The average writer wastes countless hours agonizing over small pieces of their story while the important problems are overlooked. With a content edit,  your energy will be directed toward revisions that will have the most impact. You’ll learn how important storytelling principles apply to your work, allowing you to not only improve your current story, but also make your future stories stronger.

Your desires for your own story are never sidelined in a content edit. You’ll be asked to describe your vision for your piece, and all the feedback we give you will be tailored toward what you want to accomplish. We’ll offer specific suggestions for changes you can make, but you’ll also have the tools to carve out your own, unique direction.

Our Content Editors

We have two content editors. They’re also our most frequent bloggers, so you may know them already.

Oren is adept at finding plot holes, problematic messages, broken powers, and other issues that are easy to overlook. When suggesting revisions, he identifies changes that will have the most impact while creating the least amount of work for the writer. His advice is friendly and easy to follow. Learn more about Oren.

Oren clearly put the same level of thought into his development edit that I put into my novel … I’ve probably received close to a thousand edits over the years, and Oren’s was among the most helpful. I highly recommend him.

– Christopher Weber

Chris can help you discover what your story’s about and offer insight on how to express that in your work. She can help you strengthen your characters, improve your wordcraft, and get your audience hooked. Because her availability is limited and she does multiple levels of editing, Chris creates prices and timelines on a case by case basis. If you haven’t worked with Chris before and you’d like to, please submit this inquiry form.

How the Process Works

  1. To get started, simply order your content edit here. You may submit your work as a MS Word file, Open Office file, PDF, or as a link to a Google document. We accept both manuscripts and outlines (for outlines, please see our guidelines). Your editor will check in with you as soon as they receive the order, and then they’ll start reading your work.
  2. Once they’ve finished their first read, they will compose a written questionnaire designed to uncover the goals and intent behind your piece. You can answer those questions at your convenience.
  3. After the editor has received your answers, they’ll compose their written recommendations. The recommendations document will contain fresh insight on your story, explain how important storytelling concepts apply to your work, and offer multiple choices for resolving issues the editor found.
  4. After you receive your recommendations, you’re welcome to send your editor questions about your piece or about their advice.

Cost and Timeline Calculator

Estimate the price and turnaround time by filling in the fields below. During high volume periods, we adjust the calculator to lengthen turnaround time. Contact us if you need a shorter turnaround time for your piece, and we’ll see what we can do.

  • Enter the total wordcount of any summaries, outlines, or other condensed versions of your work that you are submitting.
  • Enter the total wordcount of any fully written drafts you are submitting.
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